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Crisis management

Crises is always unexpected and comes in lots of different forms.

When faced with a major crisis, businesses, organizations and individuals need lawyers who possess the judgment, skills, relationships and experience to provide an integrated approach to resolving the crisis. That means professionals who can create  a strategy that addresses all aspects of the matter—the legal, congressional, regulatory and inspector general investigations; civil litigation; media and investor scrutiny; and the long-term business or career implications.

Time is of the essence in any crises situation that is why it’s crucial to mobilize immediately to resolve particular issues you are dealing with. While move to initial response we can built a more detailed assessment, undertake forensic investigation and provide advice on possible solutions. Once the worst is over we can work with you to identify the key learnings and longer term responses.
Our crisis management practice includes lawyers and advisors with significant hands-on expertise solving complex problems in high-profile settings. These attorneys have the litigation, public policy and communications skills to manage the crisis on multiple fronts. Our focus is on solving the immediate crisis, working with the client to correct the problem, and furthering the client’s long-term objectives in an integrated and efficient way that minimizes future financial, legal and reputational harm.


Our crisis management lawyers have represented public companies, professional services firms, current and former government officials, C-suite executives, universities, and domestic and foreign governmental entities in high-stakes matters involving financial services, securities fraud, public corruption, campaign finance violations, reputation management, professional misconduct, disaster relief and cybersecurity.

Our guarantees:
    - to act as a core custodian of the factual information

  • to ensure the availability of the necessary info
  • to support and assist with any internal investigation
  • provide necessary legal advice as to the board and management’s reporting responsibilities with an eye to collateral impacts
  • liaise with relevant regulators

We have a network of Canadian and international offices to provide a quick and effective response for domestic or international market issues.

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