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Lilia Aiupova

Liliia Aiupova is a Foreign Counsel from Ukraine. She earned her Master of Law at the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University in 2013 with high honours and prior to Law School, studied at the National Dragomanov Pedagogical University. In Ukraine, Lilia worked with attorneys to assist clients in various legal contentious issues.

Lilia is determined to her work in legal field and successfully resolves any challenging projects. She is proficient in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

During her academic career, Lilia found passion in the area of International Law. Her knowledge in this area is helpful to resolve international dispute resolutions and cross-border commercial transactions.

Pro Bono

Our pro bono practice builds up on the experience of our professionals locally and worldwide to improve the lives of those without access to justice.  

Our goal of pro bono practice is to achieve excellent results for clients in need. Those who come to us for help often experience harm, so we look for opportunities to remedy through our work.

For years, we have been in the position to advance social justice and the rule of law by providing legal services at no cost. We continue that tradition with a commitment to excellent performance, practice diversity, and global reach in our pro bono work.

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